123 Central Avenue, Whitefish, Montana



Featured Suppliers


Farm-to-Market Pork

Amazing Crêpes proudly sources its pork products from “Farm-to-Market Pork & Beef” in Kalispell, Montana. The pork is born, raised, and packaged on this local family-owned farm. Try our most popular savory crepe, featuring “farm-to-market” sausage, onion, green pepper, cheddar cheese and an egg. 

Fieldheads Coffee Company

We take coffee seriously. Fieldheads Coffee Company delivers weekly. Their small-bactch roastery is located in Bigfork, Montana (about 35 miles southeast of Whitefish, on the shores of Flathead Lake). Purchase a bag to enjoy at home or at your campsite!

Kalispell Kreamery

Premium coffee calls for premium milk. Kalispell Kreamery's milk is minimally processed, and 100% free of added hormones and antibiotics. The milk is pasteurized, but not homogonized.

Wheat Montana Farms and Bakery

Our house-made pumpkin seed granola features rolled oats from Wheat Montana. Try the granola on a crêpe with  fresh fruit and our lemon-honey yogurt, and don’t forget to take some home for your friends and family. 

Montana Tea and Spice

Montana Tea and Spice has been blending teas since 1972. Settle in with a pot of the customer favorite "Montana Gold," a warm herbal blend of rooibos, cinnamon, orange peel, and cloves. 

Purple Frog Gardens

During the summer months, enjoy a refreshing salad with greens from Whitefish's family-owned Purple Frog Gardens.